Our services


We deliver practical information on the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of public interventions, especially those financed from EU funds. This may cover the whole programme life-cycle:

  • diagnosis, planning, implementation and assessment of the intervention’s impacts.

We review among others the effectiveness and efficiency of management and implementation systems, including institutional aspects, and also the relationships between programmes or their components, including such issues as demarcation and complementarity.

Social research

We engage in the research of various components of the socio-economic environment, of interest to public policy makers, such as local and regional labour markets, education sector, issues in the competitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises, migration.

Analysis, studies and advice

We deliver to our Clients specialist knowledge in:

  • organisation and management,
  • public finances,
  • control and audit,
  • state aids,

and in other fields of relevance to the public sector.

LB&E specialises in studies and advice in the area of structural funds absorption and in financing development through international aid.

We take advantage of a wide variety of research and survey tools and techniques

Qualitative research:

  • Focus Group Interviews (FGI),
  • In Depth Interviews (IDI),
  • participant observation,
  • experts’ interviews.

Quantitative research:

  • Paper and Pencil Interviews (PAPI),
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI),
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI),
  • Computer Assisted Web Interviews (CAWI).

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Expert advice and support for public administration in the field of:

evaluations, social research, analysis, studies and advice

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